United Kingdom

Ichthion's Azure System is in technology grade 6 within the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) method.
Azure was developed and tested in London, UK. During February and March 2021, our team tested the first 1:6 scale prototype on the Medway River in the UK.
Within the scientific process of developing new technology, the correct operation during the tests, in addition to all the information generated, meant a resounding success in Ichthion’s objectives. The prototype extracted plastic waste from the Medway River with an effectiveness of up to 70%, exceeding our expectations and allowing the first 1:1 scale system manufacturing.
Azure system development at 1: 1 scale
Azure Prototype 1:6 testing
In July 2021, Azure travelled to Ecuador to be installed in the Portoviejo River, becoming the first system to fight against plastic pollution that reaches the country and South America.