Ichthion wins global competition “Cutting River PlasticWaste” from the Benioff Ocean Initiative

Ichthion Limited, an award-winning UK-based developer of disruptive technologies to extract plastics and synthetic waste from rivers and oceans, is a winner of the global competition “Cutting River Plastic Waste” from the Benioff Ocean Initiative.

The award makes the company part of the Clean Currents Coalition, a global program to reduce the flow of plastic waste from rivers to the ocean. Supported by a partnership of the Benioff Ocean Initiative, The Coca-Cola Foundation and the University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), the Coalition will deploy an $11 million fund to dedicated, passionate, and collaborative problem-solvers working to improve the quality of global marine environments.

The Clean Currents Coalition consists of nine organisations operating in nine countries around the world to develop innovative ways to collect and analyse plastic waste from rivers and address the plastics crisis. 

As part of the award, Ichthion has signed a $1 million contract with UCSB to conduct the first full-scale deployment of its “Azure” technology on the Portoviejo River in Ecuador. Azure is capable of removing up to 80 tonnes of plastic per day from rivers and oceans. By removing plastic waste from the Portoviejo watershed, we can prevent plastic waste from reaching the Pacific Ocean and the iconic unique environment of the Galápagos Islands.

Ichthion will also work to empower local communities that are still recovering from the devastating 2016 earthquake in Ecuador.
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