ICHTHION Disruptive Tech to Extract Waste from Waterways and Ocean

In 2018, increased efforts of global organizations created greater awareness of the plastic pollution problem, resulting in greater levels of action. However, outcomes typically focus far from the source of the problem: polluted rivers of developing economies that do not have waste management systems in place. Studies show it is 30 times more effective to collect plastic before it has reached deep-water environments. Plastic pollution is set to triple by 2030 without significant interventions, making the future of the world ocean–and the humanity that depends on it– bleak at best. Ichthion Limited in the UK has developed three types of technology streams that operate in different marine environments to prevent micro and macro plastics from entering into phytoplankton growth areas in coastal zones–and for reclamation of plastics in the deep ocean. Their technology also has the capacity to provide data on the plastic extracted–helpful information for governments as they develop strategies of circular economy that can effectively reduce the plastics entering waterways.

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