I C H T H I O N 

Award-winning technologies and solutions
to decrease plastic pollution in our ocean

Effective strategies to increase circularity in cities based on data  

The Problem

Humans have produced approximately 8.3 billion tonnes of plastic to date, though only 9% of this has been recycled. Through this voracious appetite for plastic and the resulting uncontrolled waste stream, an estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic has contaminated ocean ecosystems, with a further 12 million tonnes entering the marine environment per year.

In a nutshel, plastic pollution is the result of a global production model designed to produce, consume and dispose (linear economy)

Our Solutions

Ichthion, a multi-award winning company born out of the laboratories of Imperial College London, seeks to overcome the limitations of existing technologies by delivering the first truly scalable solutions to reduce the flow of plastics into the world’s oceans, proposing energy-generative systems that uniquely can installed in rivers, coastal areas and the oceans to remove plastic waste and generate data.

Over the last two years, Ichthion has filed a number of international PCT applications related to the Azure, Cobalt and Ultramarine technology propositions (more details in the technology page).

The Market


The total addressable market (TAM) is estimated at £3 Trillion in 2019 with a rate of increment of 15% until 2025


Served available market (SAM) at 95% for our model Azure, based on conservative calculations of plastic mass input of the most polluted rivers, and the potential cost of plastic upcycled after recovery.


Our technologies will enable the installation of recycling plants in developing economies, where at the moment, it is not financially viable. The return of investment (ROI) of the installation and operation of Azure technologies and recycling plants is 3 years.

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